How do I make a Planning Application?

By the submission of appropriate planning application forms to your Local Planning Authority. The correct form should be carefully selected and the Local Planning Authority will have a list of what information it expects to accompany the type of application you seek to make. Certainly, ordnance survey, block and scale plans need preparation, together with a clear Statement of Access and Design.

Often Local Authorities will demand a greater number of plans and Reports than you initially seek to provide, particularly if an application is “in principle” and negotiation is key, but certainly expect to receive requests for specialist reports in relation to:

  • Ecology
  • Landscaping
  • Potential Flood Risk

Sustainable Drainage Systems
As a matter of course. Equally, structural, noise, archaeological and other specialist reports may be required.

Once the Local Planning Authority has registered your application, they must give a decision within eight weeks. Your application will be publicised and a consultation arranged. Consultees will be your neighbours, Local Parish or Town Council and other Statutory Undertakers including Highways, sewage and drainage, ecology, landscaping, Forward Plan and other sections of the Local Planning Authority will be consulted as will the Public Rights of Way and Arboricultural Officers. All comments are in the public domain and quite often appear on the Council’s planning application website.

It is little known that anyone can make a planning application on any land for a form of development as long as appropriate certificates have been served.

P.P.S. are specialist planning brokers and can achieve an increased chance of planning success but well tried tactics and strategy in relation to engagement and contacts with Local Councillors, Planning Councillors, various Planning Officers and Statutory Consultees. Initial advice is always available without charge.

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