Enhance Your Planning Application’s Success

PPS fully advise on the whole planning application procedure and how to improve your prospects of obtaining planning permission. This may be by soliciting letters of support for your proposal from neighbours, engaging with the local community, meeting with the Parish Council or Town Council and contact with the Local Planning Authority Councillor who represents your area.

The art of canvassing your application relates to the timing of your approaches to decision-makers and to a large extent, whether the application is delegated to officers of the Council or is referred to the Council’s Planning Committee. If it is referred to the Council’s Planning Committee, you will have the opportunity to speak on behalf of your proposal, or you may instruct your Agent to do this. Likewise, any objectors to your proposal have this same limited opportunity.

There may be a specific community involvement requirement which means holding information events in say a local village hall or community centre, particularly with regard to larger planning applications.
Practical advice is available with regard to the content of letters of support, which should always be focusing on the Town and Country Planning merits only, and the method of address to both the Local Parish Council or the Planning Committee if the invitation or occasion arises.

Carefully prepared planning applications, identification of objectors and objections together with research into how similar local applications have been determined will provide precedent. These vital exercises are necessary in the pursuit of planning permission and should be diligently applied. Again, advice is available in these regards from P.P.S. Ltd.

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