Do I Need Planning Permission?

Even though the Government, in theory has over the last few years attempted to simplify the rules with regard to Permitted Development, i.e. building activities that can take place without the need for Planning Permission and also wish to continue this position they have made new rules which are particularly complex in their interpretation.

P.P.S. Ltd can advise on these exemptions from planning permission in relation to your needs, particularly if you wish

  • to extend your home, loft, garage or outbuildings ?
  • purchase a property that has previously been extended or added to ?
  • are unsure of the permitted uses of your landholding ?
  • define your residential curtilage

PPS will calculate new development spaces and areas which are exempt from planning regulations, advise on extensions, outbuildings, loft conversions and allowable enlargements per se. Advise on the fail safe methods of Prior Notification where notice is formally given to a Local Planning Authority that you intend to carry out a change of use, an extension or alteration and that you consider planning permission is not necessary. You will also be able to safeguard that position should you not wish to develop immediately by way of Certificates of Lawfulness.

The issue of Certificates of Lawfulness form an independent series of legal rules and procedures within the planning regime there is no need when used to debate the merits or otherwise of any planning proposal. These certificates are often used to preserve a planning use or legitimise one and can relate to either existing or proposed uses CLUED or CLOPUD. These tools require careful and tactical reasoning, often prior to engaging with the Local Planning Authority but are most often enabled when dealing with a breach of condition for over 10 years or residential use of a building without planning permission for a period of over 4 years ie The Four Year and the Ten Year Rules.

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